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Most Read FAQs

What is UX design and do you provide it?

UX stands for “User Experience”. It may sound like a big buzzword but truth is, it’s how  web design has evolved since the 90’s to become a science that studies human behavior with an interactive system. When you keep the user’s point of view as the looking glass through which you see an interactive solution, it brings forth the most efficient and successful design. Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. Most sites are complex and each have a number of different audiences that access them and have their own unique preferences that drive why they come to that particular site.

So the short answer is: UX design is the design of the whole user experience on a site, mobile app, etc.  It involves the study, planning and delivery of a solution to an audience in the most fluid way allowing the user to easily understand and learn from it.  We have been creating UX design since 1996.


Do you develop websites or do you just design them?

Tricky question right? Some clients come to us with a site already designed and are just in need of back-end development.  Other clients come to us with a development team in place and just want us to design the layout or user experience. We are happy to take either role –or any other in between– to help you get your website successfully online. If we feel that what you need doesn’t match our talent, we are very happy to refer you to other trusted resources.

What do I need to start the process of building a website?

All you really need is a good idea of what you want your site to do for you.  Is it a branding tool to build awareness and evoke the emotions you would like connected with your brand?  Is it a tool to create leads?  Is it an educational tool to create a captive community of a certain audience?  Once we know your end goal, we’ll start the process of asking the right questions that we’ll bring us to best starting point for designing and developing your site.

How do I start if I want my logo designed?

We have a unique questionnaire we like folks to complete as well as a short phone interview.  Contact us and we’ll send you the materials you’ll need to get started.

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