Women aren’t the only ones who underestimate their beauty

I found this Dove experiment, as many others did, to be incredibly interesting. And it got me thinking to how I have seen this behavior over and over with my small business clients.

I don’t mean my clients think they are “ugly”, but instead they sometimes do not perceive the potential or greatness of their small business as I see it when I interview them about what they do and what drives their passion.  Countless times as I am listening and asking someone about what they offer, how they go about managing their customers or products, and I find myself smiling, quite fascinated with their unique way of doing things or their offering itself.

Typically when having these conversations I like to rephrase some of what they tell me in an effort to re-frame things in the way I am understanding as a “newbie” to what they offer. I will say something like “So, you are a Business Coach but with a special focus and expertise on X or Y which makes you unique”. Every time I do this, almost without a fault I will get this response: “Wow! I had never thought about it that way!”.

Even in business, we can have that tendency to “put ourselves down”. I find myself sometimes surprised when looking at old portfolio pieces because I had “forgotten” the fact that I had done a specific kind of project or had worked with a specific industry. We get caught up in the day-to-day and in the current projects and we forget our own expertise and unique gifts.

So the next time you feel your competitors are “so much better” than you, or that your business feels stale or like its lagging behind take the time to have a conversation with someone on the outside and get their take and ideas on it. You may realize you have been overseeing some great aspects of your own enterprise that can inspire you to shine.


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