Cancer Wellness Center

Cancer Wellness Center

After months of meetings, committees, designs and redesigns, multiple photo selections, laughs and scratchy conference calls we branded and  launched two websites for The Cancer Wellness Center. Designed to be a centralized source for Cancer Centers in the Country and the world to have an accessible platform for potential patients and family members to find them.

For these projects we worked side by side with John Welborn. We designed the look, feel and navigation for both new websites while John Welborn from Wormwood made all the magic happen and lead us through the process of designing for the Ning platform. He also trained the wonderful staff form Cancer Wellness Center to learn how to add content from RSS feeds using delicious.

Special thanks to visionaries like Nancy Bulzoni, Nancy Laatsch, Stuart Pinkwater, Priscilla Andrews and Ary Christofidis for their energy, dedication and commitment to this project – we thoroughly enjoyed working together with all of you.


Unfortunately the current economic state forced CWC to contract their staff and resources significantly having to take both of these websites off the air–both required ongoing personnel to help moderate the community and contribute and support the global resource. You can find screenshot on our portfolio and we can provide more of them if requested.


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