Academy of Scholastic Achievement

Academy of Scholastic Achievement

One of our favorite clients, the ASA strives to make an impact in Chicago’s youth. Driven by the tremendous passion of its Principal Mrs. Gladys Simpson, the ASA has made personal discipline and vision part of the values they instill into the young minds of their students.

We first started working with the ASA in 2007 to help them create a website that would accommodate all the appropriate information about their school. It was to be a simple site with a modest budget so our goals were set very clearly to focus on the client’s priorities. While working with them we highly recommended a logo redesign as their logo had become outdated and difficult to understand. They liked the idea but budgets in charter schools are tight so we held off.

Academy of Scholastic Achievement corporate identity and website by Circle Imagine

Academy of Scholastic Achievement corporate identity and website by Circle Imagine

Around 2009 the ASA contacted us again ready to start the process of recreating their logo. Collaborating closely with their key staff to create a trademark that would fit right in with their vision and direction, we got inspiration form them, form their installations, and from their personal stories. The logo had to not only reflect their vision but also be perceived as cool and inspirational to the youth that made up their student body.

We tried to keep it fun and interesting with lots of movement while still making sure it looked put-together and after much tweaking and working hand-in-hand we came to their final logo design.

Shortly after they were ready to integrate their logo and branding look and feel to their website and we took the opportunity to build the site on a CMS platform that would allow them to update their information easily. Staying within our tight budget we delivered solutions to manage their news, Calendar Events, Page updates, Photo Galleries and Videos. Not all items were as “designed” as we would love them to be due to lack of time (we wanted to create a much cooler solution than the out-of-the-box photo gallery), but again, budget was an issue and having the ability to make their updates was of paramount importance.

We also went through the process of training them in using the WordPress administration and gave them tips on staying on top of updates.

In the end, they were very happy with the tools the website provided them and we were just happy that they were. We hope to continue to bring small upgrades to tools and items that will help their website and brand and continue to check their Facebook and Blog news.

We are honored to maintain such an authentic and trustworthy relationship with them and are absolutely excited to see how they continue to direct their passion.

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