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Jill Houk Culinary Consulting
Dressing up the brand of the ingredient wizard herself
DCNL- Northwestern
Helping spread the word about increasing research for learning disabilities for the dedicated staff of Northwestern University Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Brillamont School
Infusing home work with color and fun!
Chicago Kids Day
A brand that makes a difference–Chicago Kids Day was created to raise health awareness among children and their families

Why do we love well designed things?

You recognize them when you see them, you smile when you get to buy one of them, you feel you understand them when you interact with them: We know when something is well designed because it “feels just right”, there is an ease of use, a relaxing effect on our nervous system that doesn’t feel the anxiety of figuring out something complicated. Things feel like they fall into place, you feel smarter because you actually “get it” and a sigh of relief bathes our brain. That’s the magic of good design.


At Circle Imagine we have been designing for a long, long time and for various mediums, from billboards to tiny temporary tattoos, from banner ads to software interfaces. We strive to make the path obvious, simple –though not boring– all while keeping the client’s priorities paramount.


Every brand, no matter what their size or purpose, can benefit form high-quality design. Don’t settle for being another one in the bunch, dare to give your brand an extra edge and a powerful message. Talk to us.


If you are curious to find out what we do –everything form UX design to custom illustrations–check out our services list.

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